UI testing tools


can you recommend an UI testing tool/s, which has the ability to test browser compatibility as well. The tool should allows tests to be configured to run automatically in Azure Pipelines.
The web application that I want to be tested uses the following technologies:

JavaScriptFramewokr - > Angular 14
Web framework → Microsoft ASP.NET
Web server - IIS
Programing language → TypeScript
PaaS → Azure
UI framework → Ant Design


@iv4opn : If price is not constraint then go for any paid tool that are easy to use and fast.

If you are looking for some good UI testing tools which can even help you check compatibility, you can go for Lambda test or Browserstack. Besides, if you are looking for a free to use tool, I would suggest you to work on Selenium.

Here I am sharing a quick link that you can follow to begin with UI testing while aligning with Azure pipelines:

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