Unfortunately... IE is still not dead... Support Thread :)

This is a (emotional) support for all of you out there who still have to deal with our users using IE…

You’re doing an amazing job. You’re great.


So many bugs IE11 specific. Have to weigh up trying to give them the ‘perfect’ experience vs. time to find a new solution that is compatible with IE11 vs. will the few users we have mind of a slightly less than amazing experience.


yes, and it’s a hard line to walk…

Working in the Pharma industry I have only just managed to get IE8-IE10 off our supported list and that took a discussion that lasted a few weeks!

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I didn’t yet manage to get that discussion to go anywhere… Did you have an “eureka” argument? one that made the others realised “oh! why are we supporting that still?!”

It’s difficult when your customers aren’t very techy and you have to explain to them about that Edge exists. It’s really not helping that there is no end from Microsoft.

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We got rid of IE just recently (much drama). We used the EOL of Win7 as an argument. For Win10 the browser that comes with the system is Edge. EOL from an external company usually works well.

We had google analytics to back the argument up, so that helped. Pointing out amount of time to support so many browsers especially if manually testing browsers helped and how that puts delays on releases.

Also using that they are a security risk because they are on old technologies and Microsoft no longer support them also helped

We still support IE11 as thats our most popular with our clients currently.

Would love to get rid of our support for IE11… But we have customers in the public sector - some were still using Windows XP until recently!
So for the sake of our customers who want to but cannot upgrade - Thank you! We are grateful that we only support IE11 now and not down to 7! (That was only a year or so ago…)

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I wish there was a “just make it works in old IE or at least don’t make it ugly” button somewhere.

supporting IE11 here too :slight_smile:

Guys. You can get through this.

Our latest release has officially dropped support for IE11 and you can too, in time.

I believe in you.

Please don’t remind me about it :sneezing_face:

Just keep the pressure on the stakeholders up. Try and explain delays etc are due to that stone-age software and eventually they’ll bury it.