Visual Studio Options

Hi all - just wanted to get peoples opinions - finally looks like able to get access to Visual Studio Test Professional, but judging by Microsofts documentation it seems that Visual Studio Pro with the Microsoft Test Manager has the same functionality at a much cheaper cost?

Has any one experienced this - really want to sell the benefits of adoption of the Test Pro version if there is additional functionality so interested to see if anyone else has been in the same boat?

For reference we are using to develop mobile apps using azure, VS, Xamarin, Hockey App etc.

Any help appreciated!

From when I recently looked into it. We needed Test Pro specifically to do Coded UI, which we didn’t have with VS Pro, there are probably some other differences see

Also consider if you can do with the Online version (VSTS) compared to the client version (VS/MTM combo). Most of the stuff MTM can do can be done online, and as far as I recall the MTM client is due to be online only.

As I understand it the Test Manager as a stand alone app will be deprecated, but you can run the web interface from your local TFS instance if you have one too, rather than it being purely online. I think they might even be actively leaving features out of the current MTM release (I’m running 2017 as part of the Enterprise 2017) already as opposed to the web interface. I’ve noticed on a couple of occassions that warnings have popped up suggesting I may want to access certain features through the web interface instead.

To be honest though, Microsoft have a horrible policy of chopping and changing what is / isn’t included with offering levels, dropping products when they refocus with little warning and generally trying to annoy their users. It’s a good job Visual Studio is so nice otherwise they wouldn’t get away with it. This would make me wary about using any on-line subscription based service they offered as I just don’t trust them (natural for a tester).


Thanks for the advice all!