We have members of Ministry of Testing who live in Ukraine

We have members of Ministry of Testing who live in Ukraine. Let’s acknowledge that today is a dark day for humanity. This community sends thoughts to the citizens of Ukraine and those who are against this action.

Know that we often turn to our communities in times of crisis. And rightly so. Good communities keep us connected and give us a sense of belonging and safety.

The Ministry of Testing community is here for you, always. If you feel alone or scared please reach out to someone you know in or outside of this community. There will be someone to talk to and someone to listen to you.

I think it’s also worth remembering that none of us are full-time professionals on mental wellbeing support. (Unless someone acknowledges they are a trained professional and can prove credibility).

I encourage you to be sensitive to what is happening right now when sharing in the community. Look out for each other today and over the coming weeks.

Simon, CommunityBoss at Ministry of Testing


Thanks a lot for the support, Simon!