What API testing framework would you reccomend for the following situation?

I have a use case where I need to test 100s of url are resolving on a weekly basis. I built this originally as part of our E2E UI testing framework but this is obviously not where it belongs and it runs extremely slowly.
I will generate some auth tokens to simulate login for 2 or 3 different user types and then run the different groups of the urls, authenticated for the different users.
Ideally I want to as many tests to run in parallel as possible and I want to use NodeJS for the framework but also open to Python.
I am not so experienced in API testing so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :smiley:


Postman would work. You can write test cases for the requests, including things like response time and codes, and have them run on a schedule (I think they call that feature Monitoring). However it isnโ€™t NodeJS or Python so it depends on if that would be a deal breaker.

What does โ€œresolvingโ€ mean in this case? Is this just a 2xx response for authenticated users? If thatโ€™s the case, a framework sounds like overkill? If you want to stay in JS, Axios for an http library and then creating a promise for each end point and checking the result at the end seems reasonable?

we use testNG + java + restAssured as a framework for API testing. You can configure testNG to run methods as parallel with as many threads based on machine configuration.
Apologies if this wasnโ€™t much of help!

What do you use for your E2E UI framework and api tests currently?
Cypress (and Playwright) can be used for E2E and you can also use node.js or cypress commands for the API requests/responses. Cypress allows to run your tests (specs) in parallel.