What Are Your Wins For The Week - w/c 4th October

What’s your win for this week?

I’ve a mix of professional and personal wins. Professional - I’ve started teaching larger yoga classes again - my limit of 14/15 per class. It’s the biggest they’ve been since pre-covid. It was a slightly odd feeling to be honest, excited to teach so many wonderful folks, nervous because I’m still twitchy since covid. I’m glad I did it though and everyone that attended enjoyed it and felt comfortable.

Personal win - also movement related - I’ve started lifting weights to build more upper body strength and keep my bones healthy. I’ve managed to stick to my routine and it’s slowly getting better…although after my session this morning, I’m struggling to lift my arms above my head!

How about you? Any wins big or small, please share.


I finished an article I was writing - the MoT editor helped a lot in shaping the article and improving the structure to make it more readable.

Also, announced the first meetup for MoT Sarajevo. We’ll be having three really great speakers.

But my biggest win most definitely was taking part in the Testing Tools AMA, I was a bit nervous when it started but once the questions started rolling in I forgot about my stage fright. Vernon and Simon were very supportive, and the questions from the community were top-notch!
There were two questions unanswered, I left answers to those here.


I did absolutely nothing, I had a week holiday
I guess that’s my win :wink:


Recognizing a red flag in a job contract negotiation, soliciting feedback before I reacted to it in a kneejerk fashion, and coming to a decision in a reasoned way.

Also, since I’m a technical editor and writer who wants to do better, I signed up for the Inclusive SciComm Symposium, which is “a global movement to shift the traditional paradigm of science communication toward an approach that centers inclusion, equity, and intersectionality.” The Symposium has many great accessibility measures like live captioning and sign language interpretation in place, and it kicks off in earnest this coming Wednesday. You can sign up here: Signup for Inclusive SciComm Symposium