What can you say about PractiTest as test management tool?

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We are currently evaluating PractiTest and wanted to ask if someone uses it or used in the past. What’s your feedback about it?

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Hi Inga,

Our company has been using Practitest for 3 years and it meets all our needs. By the way we are a mid-size company using manual and automated testing hence we were looking for a tool that will allow us to manage our entire testing process and chose Practitest. Of course shifting from one tool to another one was a little bit painful for us, because we got used to previous tool and had to learn a new one from the scratch, but we shortly realized advantages of a new tool due to its easy workflow and user-friendly UI. Thus, if you are looking for a tool for test management, have a look at PractiTest.


PractiTest is a tool used for test case management solution. This is one of the leading Test management tools used many software testing companies now a days. PractiTest works upon End-to-End Coverage & Methodology.

PractiTest has a Dashboard at first when user access it wherein an overall view of the current state of the test progress per requirements, issues, tests and test sets are displayed. It gives a clear picture to user about the overall progress of the Testing.

User can create a Test Run in PractiTest for the particular testing and can add results as per the testing observations. User can also create Traceability between Requirements and Tests using PractiTest.
Using the Requirements section in PratiTest, we can select the requirements, we would want to link to our tests. PractiTest provides us the flexibility of either creating or importing the requirements into PractiTest using various file formats. Traceability in PractiTest is used for tracking the created test cases from the list of existing tests.

Another good feature of PractiTest is its Hierarchical filters. Using these filters, we can organize information in PractiTest. Different modules information say Requirements, Issues, Runs & Tests and Test-Sets are being best organized with PratiTest’s unique hierarchical filter tree. This tree removes the confusion of any folders that we access for getting any information related to Test Case. User can easily create a Hierarchical filter in Test Library. These created filters and sub filters can also be updated by the user as per the requirement suggests.

User can also create Custom Fields using PractiTest. With creating Custom Fields user can manage requirements, tests, test sets and issues as per the process.

Hope this information is helpful for you.

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So, the company I work for has their own test management tool named Kualitee and it’s also available for teams outside of the company. We already have teams like Emirates, cox enterprises and T-Mobile using it.

The tool is cloud-based and it supports both manual and automated testing. The tool has integration with Selenium for test automation and Jenkins & Bitbucket pipelines for QA teams for release management.

The tool itself is simpler version of HP ALM. You can simply create or import your requirements. Create, manage and execute your test cases and optionally add any bug with it. The tool also has it’s own defect management module where you can log and track issues.

The tool also integrates with JIRA. Lets you sync all issue types and you can also map all your JIRA custom fields with this tool. It’s pretty hectic by luckily a one time effort though.

For me the dashboard is the best because it provides insights on your test cases, executions, trend analysis and bug severity and status.

We also do our reporting through the tool as we can customize our test and bug reports in-app.

Last but not the least the tool is also free for a small team of 3 people. You can create tester, developer and QA manager profiles as per your need.