What categories would you use to group MoT articles?

Hi all,

You may have noticed that we’ve been making some changes to the site including how we organise our content. One new feature that has been created is Reading Lists and I need your help choosing some categories.

Reading lists are just a way for us to group Ministry of Testing articles in different ways. Perhaps by datetime, topics, authors, role levels, etc. So we have the opportunity to create any type of Reading lists we like. So what I’d like to know is:

What categories would you use to group MoT articles?

I’ve started a mind map which I’ve attached below to share what I’ve been thinking of, but I’d love to know your thoughts.

Let me know your thoughts and I’ll add them into my Mindmap and starting making tasks to create some Reading lists.


That’s a great idea ! being led by the reading list and follow objectives as blog reader.

what I would add if it’s not already done:

  • real cases: experiences of people testing in real projects, lessons learned from different contexts
  • Community stories (I think this is something that I already saw before in one group)
  • AI for testers could also be a great category how to use it wisely …
    What I also recommend to make it an editable reading list feature, so that users can choose their preferences on different topics and put them in the same reading list (for example monthly customised list per person even with completely different categories)

This is great! I don’t know if it is possible, but I’d love to see articles living alongside other content, such as Talks (TestBash, Meetups), Masterclass, etc. I can think of topics such as Automation, or Series such as Tools Explorations working equally for video and written content.

Then top that off with filtering, so you can just get content of one type if you want.


@emna_ayadi thanks for those ideas! I’ve added them to my mind map, but I’ve combined real cases and community stories as they tend to be in that same space of lessons learned in specific contexts.

@fullsnacktester we do already have topic pages but they do need a bit of love. We also intend to expand on the reading list idea for multiple content types (hence the recent changes to the site) but I think we’re a few months of releasing it.

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