What critical thinking resources help you think critically?

The TestMaster is coming soon as part of HolidayBash! :open_mouth:

Our TestMaster will challenge contestants and attendees to complete a series of weird and wonderful tasks. You will need to use all your testing wits and critical thinking skills to beat the TestMaster! Solve the challenges, delight the TestMaster and win some Ministry of Testing swag!!!

So that got me thinking, how can we beat the TestMaster? :thinking:

Time to pool some resources on all things critical thinking to exercise our brains in time:

How about you, what do you recommend?


Not strictly critical thinking, but our company has been running puzzle hours as a team-building activity, using the puzzles from Puzzled Pint. I find the puzzle sets pretty good, especially if you have groups of 3 or more, as that hopefully gets enough divergence of thought in there to make the puzzles pretty doable. Worth checking out their resources page before getting started to get an overview, some hints and pointers, etc.

I’m also a fan of using the card game Set. At the most basic level, you can use it to figure out how to brute force permutations, but if you start playing it competitively, it forces you to become faster at it as well as figuring out shortcuts, recognizing patterns, etc.


Thanks for sharing, @ernie. Both of these aren’t on my radar so will defo check them out!

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