What do you discuss beyond the main presentation?

(Lee) #1

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is anything you do as part of opening/closing your Meetup beyond the core presentation/feature?

One we do in our Meetup is mentioning what upcoming conferences are going on, so if people are going they make themselves known to one another if they want a familiar face.

What I want to do going ahead is a following slide of what conferences have their CFP open, to encourage people to submit to conferences, and re-affirm that if they want to practice them at the Meetup in advance to work out if they want to submit it, or once they’re successful and fancy a rehearsal before doing it at the conference, to encourage more speakers at the Meetup.
But is it wrong that I only want to share conferences with a CFP that have a fair speaker policy, that cover entry, travel and accommodation (if necessary)?


(Hilary) #2

I copied my meetup format from a very successful .NET one:

  • opening remarks, acknowledging sponsors and intro the speaker
  • main presentation
  • q&a
  • announcements (including upcoming conferences & meetups, always “we need speakers!”)
  • anyone looking for work can stand and say a few words about what they’re looking for
  • anyone looking to hire can stand and say a few words about what they’re looking for
  • raffle off swag (if any)

I sometimes talk about a CFP if I think of it. I don’t think it’s bad to only share those conferences that aren’t pay to speak - a lot of folks wouldn’t be able to speak at conferences otherwise!

(Bill) #3

Adding on @g33klady’s list announcing when the next meetup is scheduled and call out for anyone interested to speak in an event