What is a good (public) single page description of what is testing?

I am not looking for a definition. I won’t influence you by explaining what I believe. I am looking for a specific link, not author name or book name.

1 or 2 pages is fine.

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There is a line of thinking that tells us using the word “test” is miss-leading and inaccurate, and that we should replace it with the word “checking”. Well, what are we checking? We are checking the quality surely. Context and audience always influences the QA engineer who is listening well and observing at all times.

  • Quality, is thus all of the things that hold value for someone, at some point in time. (I have stolen this definition, but it’s worked well for me for almost a year now, and I fully expect that to change.)

So to me checking is not a single activity, but an evolving process that reports on quality, and is sensitive to business constraints and all external changes. Sorry, but there really are as many definitions as there are contexts.

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I like James Thomas’ writing. He has a good blog post. However, it might be a mouthful.

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