What is the best environment for introducing Scrumban?

I am new to scrum testing and agile working. I want to know about best environment for introducing Scrumban with kanban board

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Before going to Scrumban, lets have a quick recap of Scrum and Kanban. As we know, Scrum and Kanban are the flavors of agile. Scrum is best suited for development projects whereas Kanban is best for maintenance projects in which new development is a small part of team activities. It is much clear from it’s name itself that Scrumban will have features of both Scrum and Kanban.

It works as a great solution for those teams who need the structure of Scrum with the flexibility of a flow-based method, or for those who are looking to transition from Scrum to Kanban. Many teams use Scrumban as a transition point between a less mature and more mature Agile practice.

For many software development teams, an immediate shift to Kanban would be too drastic. Scrumban offer teams a healthy, familiar way of learning how to practice continuous improvement in Kanban without abandoning the familiar structure of Scrum.

If we talk about the best time to implement Scrumban then consider these points for the environment selection:

  • A project which has great unexpected change to user stories and reworking of priorities.
  • Scrum has been unsuccessful due to numerous issues or because of lack of resources to meet the time constraints of Scrum.
  • Work is subject to be event-driven where priorities shift constantly such as help desk support.
  • Team is entirely focused on adding features and supporting the existing product.

Hence, in Scrumban the outcome of product is enhanced with rounds of quality testing performed by quality assurance services provider, thorough feedback and quick changes in an efficient manner. Hope this information is helpful for you.