What is the difference between an array and a list?

Hi, I need to know what is the difference between an array and a list

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Varies for programming languages.

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It’s probably worth looking up for the specific programming language you are interested in.

While lists and arrays have universal basic concepts, how you interact with them and their limitations differ depending on their implementation.

For a more general view on Computer Science concepts I highly recommend the Base CS blog series and podcast.


As others said, depends on the particular implementation.
But generally speaking,

  • A C-like array is implemented as a consecutive memory space. If one int takes 4 bits, and you have an array of 4 ints starting from memory address 0, your array will end at memory address 16. It means you can access any element in constant time, by doing address calculation math.

  • A linked list is a sequence of objects that hold some data and a pointer to the next element of the list, therefore, these objects are not necessarily in sequence in memory. It means that you cannot access arbitrary elements in constant time - you would have to follow the pointers until you find the element you are looking for.


That really depends on if it’s a homework assignment, but this is a list.

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Surprised it has taken this long. I can also see how the language of stackoverflow would never work for jhon either though.

@richards12 no offense meant, do tell us more about yourself, what you do and where you are. Sometimes, “correct” answers without context are not the valuable thing.