What is Web hosting and its advantages

Why most companies are opting for Web hosting as only preference nowadays?

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There is an article here which includes the benefits and explains them fully: https://www.hostgator.com/blog/benefits-of-using-web-hosting/

tl;dr cheaper, quicker, easier.

Some companies will never fully shift to web hosting, but won’t be long before people won’t really know it any other way.

Web hosting is the internet hosting service where anyone can host their website content/pages on the internet. It deals with the services and technologies for any website. A hosting service provider helps the user to buy domain names as per client choice and making it more meaningful. Along with this, a web hosting company provides the space to store and deploy the application files.

Once we avail, the service from a web hosting then it is only their responsibility to keep the application and related servers up & running round the clock. Application server, web server, database servers and even the backup servers are maintained by the service provider. Software/Hardware update and major troubleshooting is also covered & sole accountability of the service provider as per the selected plan.

Various types of hosting services say shared hosting, VPS hosting & dedicated hosting are used by top software testing companies to reduce the manual efforts and intervention. Above all, it also reduces the cost to great extent. The outstanding technical support, better performance and highly secure infrastructure are the key features.

Hope this information is helpful for you.