What makes identifying risks difficult in your context?

When it comes to identifying risks, every context presents unique challenges. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the difficulties faced by testers, we want to delve into the specific factors that make risk identification a complex task.

:thinking: Question: What are the key factors that make identifying risks difficult in your context


I find identifying regression risks sometimes quite difficult with the project I’m on. The repo is old and has been touched at one time or another by every dev in the company. Best practices have changed over the years, and every team makes changes to it with their own styles and preferences, although my team is largely responsible for its upkeep. We could make a small change in one place, only to find that code in a seemingly unrelated part of the system, that someone wrote 5 years ago, relies on that weird thing we thought didn’t matter much, and everything explodes. xD The unit tests are great and catch a lot, but we still get weird cases crop up every now and then.
My brain is full of these connections, so occasionally I can pipe up in a refinement meeting like β€œuh no we can’t reuse that potato counter for this, cos no one would be able to update their addresses anymore. Remember how it uses that method that checks if the user has 2 potatoes in their fridge during the full moon? It was a massive pain last time and we decided to do x instead.” xD