What Motivates You?

Time for a bit of motivation Monday.

It can be hard, to stay motivated and find a drive to carry on sometimes. Maybe you’re testing a product that you don’t feel engaged with. Maybe you just feel like you’ve fallen out of your testing groove.

How do you stay motivated?


For the managers who are looking to keep testers motivated, I offer this:

From the article, you can find a partial version of my personal list (even though I didn’t write it…

  • Do I have a purpose?
  • Am I training, learning constantly?
  • Are my own leaders people I look up to?
  • Is someone paying attention to me?
  • Do I have exciting challenges?
  • Do I have a clear path?
  • Is the company growing with me?
  • Who believes in me?
  • Do I have the courage to face difficult situations and tough conversations?

When I was motivated, but am losing my groove, it could be for a lot of reasons…
Most often, it’s because I don’t feel like I have a clear path to a particular goal. That is, my goals are not well defined at that moment. It’s those moments that I can do one of two things. First, I can reflect on my own what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, and how this could help me with a particular goal or deadline. For example, “If I finish this task, the testing story will be good enough to present something worthwhile to the team.” If that doesn’t help, then I would lay out the trouble to someone I trust. If that someone is a leader in the team, then maybe they could help clarify my purpose in that task at that time. (Note: the trust-figure isn’t always a team leader. If it’s not, then there are more serious problems in the future)

Sometimes, it may help to focus on a useful task which isn’t the one I’m losing my groove on, then I can come back later with a frest perspective. But this may also be a problem, especially if it happens a lot… then I could lose too much time to focus-shifting.