What one thing have you actioned from a 99-Minute workshop?

We’ve been running the 99-minute workshops for quite a while now and it’s been fantastic to see the response to them!

I thought now would be the perfect time to talk about what things you’ve actioned from some of the workshops you’ve attended.

So, what one thing have you actioned from a 99-minute workshop?


99-minutes workshop on: Leading a Test Automation Strategy by @dana_aonofriesei

Dana also reminded me of the importance of giving the participants time to think during the online workshop. I used that in my TB Manchester talk ;-D

Recommend is also There’s no U in coach by @lindsaystrydom and @gwaterhouse85 - I recommended that in the talk too ;

while it’s not as such action items, the lessons stay with me :slight_smile:

For me, I’ve used skills from the sketch noting workshop with @lgibbs to sketch note some webinars I’ve attended :grin:

I’ve used skills learned from @adystokes to do an accessibility audit of The Club and take steps to make it more accessible :muscle:

Unfortunately due to home interruptions, I didn’t get to attend all of the workshop with @suman.bala on Postman but what I did get to attend gave me enough confidence to start experimenting with Postman by myself again :heart:


I attended some workshops because I enjoy learning for the sake of learning. They covered tools which I don’t currently use at work. You never know when you might need to use these in the future, so some basic background knowledge is always useful.

Mocks and Testability by @ahaydar was especially good as I learnt about Docker for the first time.

Others allowed me to build confidence in tools that I use at work.
For examples

  • API Testing with Postman by @suman.bala - I mostly focus on UI testing at work, but have occasionally had to work with APIs and use postman. First time I used Postman was scary, but this workshop helped me gain confidence and I am able to complete work a lot better on the rare occasion when I am required to use Postman.
  • Uncovering the Power of Browser DevTools by @utchbe - I’d only really used dev tools to help setup locators on automated tests. This introduced me to some of the other features that dev tools have to offer.

One workshop that actually made me change something in our current process was Introduction to Creating Test Strategies by @huib.schoots. I took some of the ideas from the workshop, and shared them with the team. I felt we were wasting a lot of time writing test plans which were so rigid in design and often contained information that wasn’t really needed. We started writing test strategies where we investigated the product itself as well as the requirements, and used this to suggest an approach to testing rather than a concrete plan.


Approval Testing with @emilybache was a great session - There is an upcoming session on Feb 3rd.

I wasn’t familiar with this type of testing from an automation perspective, but use the same concepts in my day to day testing (Stare at the way it currently works and compare it to the changes). I definitely walked away away with a new way of thinking and a new tool in my testing toolbelt.


I took a few workshops, but only actioned the one which had Mind maps - Introduction to Creating Test Strategies by @huib.schoots.

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I shared the burnout risk link with my team to help them understand if they are at risk of burnout and who they can talk to in the team if they are high risk. Lots of other things I want to add to my toolset but so far, just this. The team got involved and some have already shared their results with me

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