What Open Space topics are you thinking of sharing?

I got thinking about some Open Space ideas. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. TestBuddy feedback – we’ve faked a tool called TestBuddy. It’s just a website right now thanks to some brilliant feedback from the community. In this session we’ll explore the site. I’ll ask questions and we’ll discuss as a group what value you might get from such a tool. We’d like you to help give us a reason to build it!

  2. Seven tips for delightful debriefs – I don’t think debriefing is given enough attention. I’d like to share some ideas I have that might help improve your debriefs. Then open up a group discussion to share experiences of what makes debriefs better.

  3. Five commandments to get sht done – My business partner and I have five things we refer to that help keep us focused and get sht done. I’d love to share them and invite discussion to reflect on the ideas. Let’s explore how they are relevant to our craft.

What ideas do you have for Open Space topics?