What’s Your Win For The Week - w/c 06th September 2021

I’m back this week after our August slow down. I won’t lie, my week started with some difficult personal issues so I’ve gone back to basics with my wins this week.

  • I met my son from school a few days this week. He’s old enough to leave and meet us outside the school grounds which feels like such a big milestone.
  • Met my husband for lunch a few times this week to support him while he’s having a tough time.
  • Generally catching up with work after some time out over the summer.
  • Getting back to the gym in the mornings on the way to the office.

Feel free to share your wins below and have a lovely weekend :grinning:




  • Booked my first off day (in October) this year :smiley:

Well done hosting your workshop @kristof , sounds like it went well.

Do you have any plans for your day off in October?


Never :stuck_out_tongue: I got about 30 holiday days left this year, I’ll probably study something or try out some new frameworks or make a workshop for work :confused: XD

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  • Started to learn more about using GraphQL queries and mutation with Apollo
  • Had a nice meeting with few of the architects regarding the direction of automation in the future
  • Clear out a lot of stuff from my testing backlog and now I can focus on small tweaks and improvements


  • Juggling a few blog/article ideas
  • Continuing to learn REST-Assured
  • Made a lot of memes :grin:

Very nice! It’s lovely isn’t it? :slight_smile: I really enjoy the not-over-fetching possibilities but hate the authorization tests :smiley:

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It has a lot of very intuitive concepts, for some reason I thought it would a lot harder - but then again it might I just scratched the surface. :nerd_face:

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So, 6th September was my birthday, which was a mix of good and not so good vibes due to my recent family loss.
But “moving forward”, I recorded my talk for EuroSTAR which was something I had on my backlog for a while and I’m now deep diving into acceptance criteria (writing some stuff related to that).
Besides, I finished preparing a workshop on exploratory testing with some exercises. Whenever doing so, it became even more clear the power of ET to go beyond the obvious, even whenever you’re looking at a application that apparently works fine and it is covered by automated test scripts.
ET is about using the brain, combined with curiosity, powered by “knowledge backpack” which has a bunch of stuff in it.
Also been interviewing some people for a testing advocacy kinda of role. It’s been challenging.



  • Had a very busy, but productive week. Great sense of accomplishment
  • Submitted a talk for Test.Bash()
  • Got buy-in from managers to start DOJOs

Ran my first MoT workshop (how to write technical words). This is despite my not being a tester, author, speaker etc. Either people who disliked it are too polite to say, or it went OK. Thank you MoT people for letting me do it, and for the helpful videos and other support with getting it ready.

If you’re thinking about running a workshop, I suggest you give it a shot. It is a bit scary, but help is available.

Now that’s done, I have time and mental capacity to tackle other things that have been piling up a bit.


Hey @bobs I’m listening to the recording at them moment, I’m about 30 minutes in and I like what I’m hearing, especially the user story stuff - it generally very useful advice that can be applied to lot of kinds of writing I believe, good job!



  • I almost finished a blog post about test automation. I got more speed while coding.
  • I am writing about a team activity with the users. The challenge of this month of the Bloggers Club.

I have made it so that new club topics appear on the MoT timeline

  • Looked after my sisters puppy this week. I’ve never had a dog before, so it has been a win!
  • Mega multi tasking - lots of plates spinning at work and managing to keep them all turning.
  • 3 out of 4 weight workout sessions done
  • Survived a new routine of waking up at 6 every day

Great to collaborate with @antonella this week. Antonella was very keen to make things more inclusive for anyone who wants to collaborate in Spanish on the MoT Slack. We created a new channel called #in-spanish with the following description:

This is a channel in Spanish! Water cooler conversations, testing discussions and a good place to connect with each other across the globe.

We went live with the idea this week, and Antonella was full of joy. So I experienced joypathy because of that! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also, myself and Team MoT made a start at exploring daily challenges for 30 Days of Tools in October.

On a personal win, I reconnected with an old band mate I haven’t spoken to for a very long time. Oddly enough it was a tweet about a new Christopher Nolan film that did it!