What’s Your Win For The Week - w/c 20th September 2021

What’s your win for this week?

For me this week it’s been more personal than professional. I went away for the first time with the family after the birth of our 2nd child. It was a little stressful and hairy at times, but all in all a lovely time. Need to remember to make time for personal activities.

More professionally I finally clicked with Pact and have been writing a chapter on it for my book which is nearly 75% complete!!!

How about you?

  • Recorded my first real podcast :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Crashed the system twice
  • Had a nice meeting about getting external speakers to our work-event :wink:
  • Took a deeper dive into OWASP Top 10 - 2021 (new draft version)


  • Ate healthy food at least 2x this week!

On the personal side, I had a couple of really long walks (well, long in my lazy-ass standards about 4KM each) and listened to a few MoT and AB testing podcast episodes while walking, I should do that more!

For work stuff mostly learning more about Rest-assured (and applying that) and learning more about GraphQL mutations and playing around with those in Apollo Studio.

  • The episode of the TestSphere roulette I am a guest on, got released
  • Clean up, and restructured Confluence, so that all info related testing is up to date, and easier to find
  • I’m working on embracing my role as a manager a bit more. I’ve been reading Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager and I’ve changed how I approach planning each morning. My to-do list used to be a rolling one, now I have a to-do list that’s only the things I expect to get done for that day, which has really helped me shrink the scope of things in my head to what’s right in front of me.
  • I’ve got a date booked for my team to run a Gameday: we’re going to replicate a live site issue as a training opportunity for the ops oncall team. I am really really excited about this.
  • I have been working on an internal initiative for National Coming Out day (Oct 11th), and I’m really excited with what we’ve come up with.

I’m starting a new podcast, you should definitely come on mine too!!


From a mental headspace point of view, this is the first time that I’ve even been able to engage on the club in well over a month. Baby steps!

  • I changed role, internally, and I think it will be a good one
  • I took some time for me, had a nap in the day, it was the best
  • I met some old colleagues for lunch, in person
  • Was asked for some candid feedback on some product designs, and felt like I was providing some value
  • Spoke to some awesome people, who will hopefully come on my new podcast journey, and you should too!
  • Went into the office for the first time in two years :-0 so overwhelming, however, got through the day
  • Finished all my prep for teaching some students all about testing (tues next week). Excited yet nervous as another in person event.
  • Chatted with a new mentee - we clicked. Excited to help her get where she wants to be!
  • Did a charity day for work.

My win for the month is that I stood up against customers to not complain directly to me and I stood up against managers that they want me to do deep investigations and analysis about why suddenly some issues with big discrepancies occur. I don’t have enough knowledge so I can do it properly and they must know that it is not my job to do such investigations, my job is to find and report issues and findings in the best way I possibly can and in some cases I can additionally add hints and have thoughts on why it has happened! :muscle:


Sure thing! You know where to find me :wink:

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@kristof and @christovskia could you share links to your podcasts, I wouldn’t mind listening and subscribing. :grin:

Soon :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s still being edited. :slight_smile:



  • Completed almost all bug verifications and manual test cases for a feature (albeit there is one gap) but feeling smug wearing my manual testing hat
  • Encouraged colleagues as we rotate between projects and have to ramp up on different tech stacks.
  • Not too happy with one piece of automation though, having to learn a bit about graphing tools


  • Attended a taster Campanology session (that’s bell ringing for the newbs)
  • Did a road trip and did not run out of gas or get too lost.

Since summer, I’ve been leading our company’s first Test Automation Team, and we’ve created a set of test suites that we run daily. Today, we found a regression in our upcoming release through the daily automated tests! In previous sprints when we didn’t run automated tests, a similar bug might not have been found until a week or so later, when it would have been harder to fix and might have delayed the release.

  • Got 2 pull requests accepted over at exercism.org. No surprise: They both improved the tests. :grinning:
    Hint: Don’t compare floats with assert_equal or == , eql or whatever the comparison operator/method is in your language.
  • Found a super curious bug in a tool I’m using that occasionally drops a keyword when a specific set of test data is used.
  • Went swimming for 30min in the North Sea (at ≈16°C water temp.)

Very Nice! I really enjoy exercism for exercise :stuck_out_tongue: I love free the mentoring and it’s spot on.