What’s Your Win For This Week? September 18th

What’s your win for this week? Let’s celebrate it!

I have a few wins for the week:

  • I started to feel a bit more on top of my work
  • My physical pain is nearly at a manageable level
  • I got to beta test a new tool.

This is spread out a little over last week and this week, and will spread into next week too:

  • I got permission to decorate the flat I’ve been renting for 5 years (yay no more purple bedroom!)
  • I got mentioned in the company update email from one of the directors, and it said what a great job I’ve been doing and how I’ve really improved things in the company
  • So far it seems people have not got me any birthday presents (which is what I’ve been asking for for years, but my birthday is just over a week away, so we’ll see)
  • I got all the achievements in Fallout 76

Yes! Congratulations :tada:

  • Recorded my TestBash Manchester talk, submitted and its fine despite me worrying
  • @danashby workshop on continuous testing in the SDLC was brilliant
  • Had some lovely comments on our garden via Twitter videos. All the compliments really go to my beautiful bride
  • Had some really productive days at work
  • Made a ‘productive plan’ for the weekend

I have joined my current company as a QA analyst 1 year and 6 months before and finally in my mid-year performance review i got good feedback from my manager and whole team.
Best part is i got increment too.
Thank you and have a nice day ahead!


After six months on the job, finally got around to removing all the sleep(x)s adopted when taking over an abandoned and broken XCUI test framework. Reduced execution time by 20%.