What would you like to celebrate about June 2022?

It’s the end of the month.

What would you like to celebrate about June? Add a reply and let’s celebrate with you. :trophy:

I’ll celebrate getting more active with the Ministry of Testing LinkedIn Group. It was also excellent to see so many folks turn up to TestBash World. It felt like a celebration of our craft and the people who are part of it all! :smiley:


Completing two weeks’ jury service and so able to get back to testing. Though watching a jury at work, with different individuals fixing on different parts of the evidence presented in the case we were hearing, and then bringing that to the jury’s deliberations to arrive at our best interpretation of the events of the offence was really rather interesting. We reached a decision which turned out to be most likely the right one, too.


Met a guy at the bus stop who was off to the courthouse for the second time to do same, it’s a fascinating story, it’s an honor I’ll bet, and hard work, but I think people do take it very seriously. Must be hard to turn it all “off” at the end of each day.


Always hate the length of summer days, but this month I’m celebrating not going crazy this year as the days got longer. Am exhausted, but not gone crazy (people who know me will know I’m talking rubbish when I say that, but I’m cool with that.)

Mainly I’m celebrating the almost-out-of-the-door feature for mobile that my team have been working on. It’s been a long slog. Yes that desk is full of junk, but I do use most of it.

It has been a strain as usual with requirements that the writers failed to take “ownership” of and rely on engineering to interpret and check correctly. I keep wondering if developers are not the only people who “chuck stuff over the wall”. Requirements are not a once-off thing, and on top of that, the app artwork that just, as usual, fails to fit onto phones and tablets also creates friction, but not as bad as last time. So I’ve not thrown my toys out of the pram this project, and am going to congratulate myself. I did have a mini-moan, but much better one with actual actions to address by making sure more people had equipment they needed this year.

Gaming. Celebrating some online positivity and good. Social networks are very often depressing places. Actually starting to get involved in crowdsourcing/free testing of games for an indie developer or two has helped me focus my job skills into a different avenue, and starting to see that pay off in terms of just keeping me on a positive mission.


I didn’t have too much difficulty turning off at the end of each day, but I did find starting back to “ordinary” work a bit difficult to focus on, especially as national news through yesterday had a number of reports of different court verdicts which I found a distraction.


In June I published a blog post about personas with disabilities.

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I finished my current previous job, and am now officially on a “career break” for the first time in my 20 years of working - I’ve never left a job without knowing what’s coming next. But the break is part of the fun, and with my wife (who’s a teacher) starting her summer holidays early for medical reasons, I’m enjoying a slightly more leisurely pace of life.

Most of the things I’d like to celebrate this month are therefore personal and not particularly meaningful to others (things like: taking my son swimming for the first time, attending an in-person class at the new Peloton studio in London, watching a candlelit orchestral performance of Taylor Swift songs at Manchester Cathedral, booking tickets to attend next year’s Snooker World Championship for the first time, and having a Zoom catch-up with an old work colleague from a decade ago).

But on the testing/MoT front, I’ve also just finished planning the next two episodes of Testers’ Island Discs, and will be recording them both next week, for you all to hear them in July/August. Both will be familiar names to TestBash regulars :wink:


It was the third month of my mini-retirement and I’m now excited to tackle new challenges again! In between golf practice, I’m launching a product to help web performance testers (Latency Lingo if you’re curious) based on some analytics and collaboration issues I had in my old role.

I hope to tackle July with a similar mindset and balance to keep improving


Is mini-retirement a euphemism for sabbatical now? Ha Ha. Good on you!

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From LinkedIn:

  • Registered a freelance trade
  • Started a new project
  • Found a bit of time for blogging
  • Organized a watch party for TestBash World - photos available here.
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It does seem so! I think “sabbatical” has too much attachment to a paid leave


Thanks for this interesting information!

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