What would you like to recognise about February?

Thinking back to February, is there anything in particular that you’d like to recognise about your work and personal life?

Note we have often referred to things like this as “wins of the week/month”. They used to be posted weekly and at the end of the month. It’s been a lovely way to celebrate each other. Yet on reflection, I feel that the term “wins” might put pressure on some people more than we think.

Perhaps the opportunity here is to share what’s given you energy, excitement and hope alongside your challenges and struggles.


This February was the month I got Covid, … and got over it.
Blessed we live in a country where vaccinations and regular testing are readily available.

That’s all


It was a tough month and I’m glad it’s over. Our nanny had Covid and was away for a long while, my mother-in-law broke her leg on ice, my wife and I got her a new apartment to live in and there was a lot to do in terms of getting new furniture. My wife quit her job for a short break to get some rest and we’ll have to pay the tax for the new apartment.

But, on the positive side, three people I know managed to get into their first junior roles, I now manage to find a bit of time for gaming now, the new job has been going really well. I wrote a few drafts for new blog posts, moderated an online conference for the first time, and got invited by a company to visit their offices in Germany.

The hardship got balanced out by the nice stuff. C’est la vie, I guess. :smiley:


Mostly positives. Nothing blew away or broke in the February :cloud_with_lightning: :tornado:
A huge load of the Lockdown “hermit-mode” :space_invader: lifted for me almost entirely. (Still cautious, but am now sensible about it.)
I managed to repair my chainsaw :wood: :wood: :wood: without having to pay someone.
Oh, and I also found more time to play games and created a :video_game: group all around the topic of Empathy. (Another topic.)

And to top it off an doing pretty well at learning to ring church :bell: :bell: :bell: (still in training wheels or “socks”, they are heavy.) #campanology


Short month but lots has happened, to much to be named!

  • Recorderd a podcast
  • Had my booster shot
  • Started working on a new training
  • Found many bugs <3

Decided to make a trip to the UK (still have to plan it!)


Where, when? Planning to come as far north as :scotland: ?


Somewhere around the 26th-30th of May and in/around London with the misses :wink: