What's the worst testing advice you've ever heard?

My past manager was a developer who keeps teaching QA how to work: “Why should we even regress - it’s a waste of everybody’s time!” :frowning:

“There’s no point in doing edge case tests”


Product owner recently: “Don’t log bugs at the moment the devs need to fix all the other ones that you have logged and they might have solved some of them already. Can you keep them somewhere else” My response: “Without knowing what they are?!? Bugs don’t get fixed magically. And creating a separate backlog is a waste of time.”

Of course I ignored the advice and convinced the PO that we needed to log all the issues, he gave in after a short discussion… I believe I can be quite convincing. :smiley:


A variation I often hear on this is “that’s an edge case; the customers won’t do that”. I usually reply “I’m just being fat-fingered; if you think I’m bad, I think the customers will be WORSE, i.e. we definitely SHOULD test the edge cases!” Usually the following gets people’s attention (though it is perhaps a tad adversarial): “I’ll not test it if you’re happy we circulate around that you have advised testing to not test it”; developers usually back down at that point as they don’t want to be on the hook if something goes wrong and they have said to NOT test it.


Totally relate to this one … such a case of ‘famous last words!’

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“Test what the devs think you should test”

Sure, use their opinion as information in your decisions of what to test, but ordinarily what devs tell you to test just indicates dev testing they skipped. The thinking which allows a gap or oversight in design or coding is unlikely to be the same thinking which finds it in test… for this reason my team encourages cross-team test reviews.