What's your experience with debriefing?

I read a blog post from @cakehurstryan recently

And it got me thinking about my own experiences with debriefing. I would say I’ve definitely hit roadblocks 1 and 3 in the past! In my own experience, having sweets or chocolate on hand definitely helps have a successful debrief :wink:

What’s your own experience with debriefing? Have you hit any of the roadblocks Callum mentioned? Have you hit different ones?


My experience has been pretty positive. Before I start exploratory I get whoever made it to give me some thoughts on what to explore and I say let’s get together after to review what we have found. Collaborative/team work language.

I can understand the roadblocks that some may have.

Super interesting topic. Tempted to write up some thoughts now.


I am totally going to try having chocolates on hand the next time I can debrief in person!!!