What's Your Win For The Week - 19th June 2021

On a previous team I had us share our Pows and Wows (low points and high points) during our weekly round table. It took a while for trust to be earned and develop, but over the course of time it really brought our team together.

As for my Wows: I’ve managed to keep my head above water and finish out a few stories despite my counterpart being on vacation this week.

My Pows: I’ve been lazy and not exercised as I ought.


Nice naming for it. Will happily adopt that

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One thing I recommend, which I failed to abide by in my post above, is to do the Pows first, then the Wows so you end on a positive note.


We had a really nice birthday party for my kid’s first birthday! :cake:

At work, I’ve been helping the BAs with some testing, basically teaching them how to use Postman a bit more than they are used to, I really enjoy showing people how to test things! :nerd_face: