What's Your Win For The Week - 28th June 2021

What’s your win for this week? Big or small we want to hear about it.

Professional win: I was able to actually focus this week, I struggled last week but I’ve definitely had some productive days, which is a win. I’ve also found a local co-working space that I’m testing out. I’m hoping the change of scenery will help me refocus my brain even more. Fingers crossed!

Personal win: I tried my first tens machine for pain management and some meditation specifically to stop pain cycles and it seems to have worked - I might just be having an easy month, but it might be working.



  • First round of interviews done for the vacancy we have.
  • Survived 3 days of planning
  • Had my second dose of the Covid vaccine
  • Welcomed our new four-legged family member!


  • Didn’t manage to do a fair chunk of my to do items this week. Think I might need to plan more realisticly

Had a mostly good week!

For the first time in my life I set up a CI/CD pipeline in Gitlab for the Postman API tests I’ve created so far. I also wrote a blog post about it so hopefully it’ll benefit some other people as well.

I finally feel like I’m getting “more technical”, whatever that means. But it’s nice to extend my skills in all sorts of directions!


Hooray for all those positives! Excellent new four legged family member!

Yeah, it can be hard to get the right balance of achievable things. Some weeks are more productive than others. You’ll get there.

  • Had a good chat about cyber security learnings within our company and the many potentials.
  • Went a day to the office in… idk how long ago it was but it seems like ages ago, saw some people for the first time!
  • Been joining the tester hangout to meet all of you awesome people <3
  • Started to look into an upcoming project which contains email template testing, you can find some interesting readings about this!
  • Found out, people were doing reporting about the sprint manual every single time … So I had to help and I automated it :slight_smile: