What's Your Win For This Week? October 17th

My wins for this week:

  • Professional - Got a lot of little things changed on The Club to make it more accessible
  • Professional - Got some planning done for the next 3 weeks of work (who even am I?!)
  • Personal - Crocheted the body of a unicorn teddy and a full set of table mats :tada:

What wins do you have this week?

  • I remember to login to the tester hangout on Google Meet, a record 7 people where there :wave:
  • Personally there’s an autumn school break this week, looking forward to do things with the teenagers
  • Work have decided to sponsor the books “Accelerate” and “DevOps Handbook” - wee, finally :smiley:
  • I surprised my manager positively, as I had created a scrum board for an strategic initiative we have

And the week ain’t over yet


I managed to train an AI system to recognise some images from our website as a POC for visual testing. Just hackathon stuff, but I got it integrated into our framework :slight_smile:


Professionally - finished writing a user guide and kicking off another project. Personally - made major progress today on a presentation for an external talk (and decluttered/deep cleaned my fridge :wink: )


Woop! Congratulations @jesper, @progrockmicky & @melissafisher :tada: excellent wins :grin: