What's Your Win For This Week? October 3rd

What’s your win for this week? Let’s celebrate it!

My wins for this week:

  • Professional - MC’d for the first time ever for @adystokes talk :grin:
  • Professional - Based off that talk then I made some changes here on The Club around contrast and a few other things to try make it more accessible.
  • Personal - We finally started proper works on the site to build our house :house:
  • Personal - Caught up with some friends (virtually) who I haven’t seen in a long time :heart:
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My big one this week isn’t really mine. A half hour session with a UX-expert (outside our department) turned into a 3 hour mega-session which covered most of the works. The conclusion was that we were doing very well in UI/UX.

I was also volunteered to coach my son’s volleyball, even though I’m not a player because when I filled in last time, the other parents really liked what their kids said about me. (No parent audience at games, so they can’t, for the most part, see for themselves) … so um… win?


I was really struggling to get decent team-based communication from the team. I had a few specific conversations that were lost within our General channel. The team have been super reluctant to start new channels for fear of having too many distractions, but I set up a specific one and I got more direct and varied work-based interactivity than I have had since I started this role a few weeks ago!

Sometimes it really is the simple things in life!


Had 2 good UX discussions with our lead graphic designer. Both went much better than my first ones.

This is important to me only because I have no UX training, but have been using pointers from forum posts here, to up my game. I’m doing the rough drafts of new screens in “paint” to show what the workflows will really entail and I’ve been kinda shite at even starting on the work. This week my meeting went better and the lead designer actually was able to solve some of the missing interactions and storyboard it all. (Real designers have cool animation/live draft tools, so my static paint .net pictures now look less static.)


I’ve just been signed up to this course https://www.udemy.com/share/1013rK/

I don’t know if it might help you, if you want to learn more UX-y goodness.


I’m on a Lynda subscription for years now - thanks for forcing me to go find similar material on Linked-in . I’m so tempted to unsubscribe now because I typically take 1 course only ever 3 months.

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Our feature end to end is coming together for this short term project.
Move something out my house every day on the journey to be more “minimalist” (old batteries recycled clothes etc)
Made Test bash Manchester talks and got involved with the throw challenge (HULK SMASH!)


Let us know what it’s like/worth the money.

Will do.

It came highly recommended by an old colleague of mine

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