Why Do You Automate?

For those of you who are into automation, why do you automate?

Back when I was automating, I was trying to both speed up repetitive checks against big data sets and upskill to move onto the next job :sweat_smile:

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For me:

We automate tests to have fast deliveries to validation/production environments.
In a CI/CD/CD environment, it’s necessary to have automated tests since there is no manual testing.

Unit tests, Integration, Performance, Security & UI tests are fully automated. Without these, I wonder how production would look like! :slight_smile:


some reasons could be:

  • better company performance
  • less rework
  • coherent output, repeatability
  • reduced attrition, as staff can more to more interesting stuff
  • faster delivery
  • better / easier compliance or audit trail
  • roi, cost reduction

many of these are from the book Accelerate https://itrevolution.com/book/accelerate. Notice how only the last is about cost reduction, and the rest is about working smarter. There’s more to it than £$€


Reasons for automated:
1.Cost effectiveness
2.Time saving
3.Enhanced workflow efficiency
4.Accuracy and consistency in operations
5.Reduced employee turnover


For me a lot of what has said above by others. But one big reason for our organisation to automate is to create time for people to:

  • do in depth manual testing
  • engage with the teams throughout the process

and, I automate because it is fun :slight_smile:


Even the largest software and QA authorities cannot perform a managed web application test with thousands of users. Automation testing can run thousands of virtual users associating with a network, software, and web applications. Software tests have to be redone often during development cycles to assure quality. Every time source code is qualified software tests should be repeated. For each release of the software, it may be tested on all supported operating systems and hardware arrangements.

Every software qa outsourcing company tests its products and the software’s which are not delivered yet has defects.
The Testers try to find the bugs before the product is released in the market but every time they appear, even with the best manual testing process.

With the help of automation, we can increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and coverage of the software.

A tester performs the Manual Testing by sitting in front of the computer and going through the application to find bugs or errors. Most of the time these Manual tests are repeated during the development life cycle.

Once the manual tests are automated they can easily be repeated and also easily extended.

There are so many testing tools available in the market that can playback the predefined actions and it also compares the results to the expected behavior of the application and able to report the success and failure of the test cases to the test engineer.

Developers can also use the Automated tests to verify the problems quickly before sending them to the QA.

There are so many other reasons behind Automation some of them are:

  1. Time-Saving
  2. Cost-Effectiveness
  3. Minimizing costs and Mistakes.
  4. Faster the delivery.

A tool for the developers. So they can make radical changes and know that core functionality still works as expected.

A tool for the testers, so they don’t need to do repetitive/boring checks.