Why we write a Test Cases?

Hello Testers,

It is the basic question, Why we write a Test Cases in software testing? Can you explain your thinking behind it…

Can you share your thoughts

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Hello Jenni,

Nice Question…

According to me, Test cases gives us complete steps or process that we execute during testing…and also we can analysis the expected result of application under the set of conditions…

Perhaps you could humor me and make the question a little bit more basic, removing the context of “test cases.”

Why would we write something down?

My own answer is either to communicate or to remember. Yours may be different.

Bringing the context back in, do test cases help with those things?

If you want to relate the answer to the first question to testing-in-general (again, removing the context of “test cases”), you could ask:

What do I need to tell, and to whom?
How should I tell this story?
If I use a certain method to record the events of testing, will the issues of communication and remembering be satisfied?


Hello @jennifer1796!

We write test cases to help guide us towards collecting information about product behavior. In that sense, a step-by-step approach would not fulfill that definition because, in my experience, the result is binary.
When we collect information, we help to shape a story about a product’s behavior. I favor open-ended questions in a test case to help draw that story from a product.