Win A TestBash Ticket!

We’ve got some rather exciting news! We’re offering up a ticket to any TestBash in 2019 to the Ninja of the month on The Club for August!

How do you become a monthly ninja? Basically by being an active member of The Club. Answer questions, get involved in discussions, start new ones.

Not sure what to post?

  • Head over to Twitter or MoT Slack / Tester Chat Slack to see what people are asking and talking about.
  • Have you read an article or watched a video on Ministry of Testing that has inspired you or raised more questions?
  • Have you experienced something at work that you want to share? Maybe it will help someone else.
  • Do you have a problem you need a hand with? Ask on The Club!

The winning ninja decision remains with us and may not solely be decided on Club points achieved, so remember we’re testers too and if we see you cheating you’ll be knocked out. Quality posting for the win!


you guys are awesome!!! :star_struck:

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Thank you for the TestBash NZ 2019, I’m really excited to attend the first ever TestBash in NZ.

See you all next month :grin: