YouTube Short: Content Creators: How do you like to share your knowledge?

Ahoy MoT Club!

My latest YouTube video is out, where I ask “Content Creators: How do you like to share your knowledge?”

Also, experimenting with lighting and background music, so I would love feedback on both the content & production :heart:


Nice one, @ThePirateTester.

As you’ve asked for feedback. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to add text to your points. You shared many excellent points and examples and I struggled a bit to keep up. So if those key points appear on screen they would anchor me in case I missed something.

The volume of the background music was a little quiet yet I totally understand that you don’t want it to overpower. I think you should keep experimenting with the levels and I’m sure you’ll find the sweet spot. Tricky one given that your audience could listen on all sorts of devices and audio output equipment.

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Thanks for the feedback @simon_tomes :slight_smile:

I want to add subtitles to my videos, it’s just finding a good way to do it, as I want to do it in post, rather than during recording. Plus, I’m on Android, so I know the app you use for live recordings isn’t available to me.
Or do you mean just key points on the screen, rather than full subtitles?

The music level is a tough one to balance - I could try a few versions with gradually louder to music, and see what the sweet spot is?

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Yep, just key points. :+1:

Nice thoughts. I like to share my knowledge in person or in a group. Sometimes is it hard to find your question in written documentation . Liked your video :slight_smile:


I’ve never done much on YT as I’m still trying to get myself started at blogging. I have however started a YouTube Campanology channel and I use a video editing platform for that, which lets me carefully control everything in the content. Because I watch most of Youtube with volume off (yes it’s possible, it really is) I like the idea of subtitle automation. My video editor has a subtitling service which I’m going to upgrade to next year, because I’m noticing that loads of people are doing it and that it’s pretty darn accurate. And it means you can just copy-paste the subtitle output as metadata for search engines. Anything that speeds up POST production is valuable, people forget that every 60 seconds of video costs 10x that in POST work.

Putting on my “audio” hat, your music level is perfect. A lot of people use an automated “autoducking” feature in their video post processing, steer away from that. When it breaks it ends up destroying your work, and a lot of people find it less painful to just do what you did, music at anything from -8db down to -12db. I see what you did with lighting, but really we want smoke effects now, ha ha.

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