Category Topics

🗓️ Events

Testing events that help us grow. What event are you attending soon or are planning to host? Continue the discussion after a Ministry of Testing event, such as a TestBash, an AMA or Masterclass.

🫶 Contribute

Make a positive impact on your career and the testing community. The Contribute category is the place if you’re looking to progress and help MoT create helpful content and/or run excellent events.

🐥 New to Testing

Soon to start or have just started a testing career? Ask any questions. Have some testing experience? Help a newbie by sharing your experiences, observations, thoughts and ideas. Be mindful of what it was like when you first started out on this adventure.

🔜 Career Moves

Ask a question if you need advice on your next career move. Or perhaps you have something to share about hiring. Note, no job adverts are allowed on The Club. Post your advert at

🧑‍✈️ Leadership

Technical leadership, people leadership, training your staff. How do we create an inclusive work environment for a team to thrive?

🔍 Strategy & Approaches

The Strategy & Approaches category is to discuss all things to do with the thinking and planning of a testing approach and the practical application of those strategies. Ask a question about testing strategy.

🛠️ Tools, Frameworks & Platforms

There’s no escaping the need for tools, frameworks and platforms to support our day-to-day testing efforts. How are we putting tools into practice? Share experiences and ask a question to fill up the community’s tool-awareness cup. Vendors are welcome to ask for feedback here.

🧬 Being Human

We can get carried away with the technical side of our careers. Let’s not forget we’re all human! This category is to amplify our “humanness” and all the complexities and joy that come with it.

📚 Blogs, Books, Videos & Audio

Written a blog post/article or read one that resonated? This is the category to share in. Spark discussions on the blog posts, books, videos and audio that fill up our brains. How did they help and why might they help the testing community?

🗒️ Site Feedback

Have something helpful to share about this forum called The Club? This is the place to discuss it. And feel free to start a discussion about the main Ministry of Testing site. What site improvements would help you and others?

🗄️ Archive

An archive of discontinued categories, topics and reply threads. It is not possible to add a new topic or reply to a topic thread in this category.

Annual Partners

This area is to give you the opportunity to ask our annual partners any questions you might have about their products.

30 Days of Testing

Discussions around the 30 days of testing challenges are welcome here at any time. Looking for old 30 Days of Testing threads? Check our Archive.

Masters of the Ministry

Share and access the community’s best software testing training through Masters of the Ministry (MotM) from Ministry of Testing.

MoT Essentials

Ministry of Testing Essentials is an initiative that is providing opportunities to develop essential knowledge and skills in software testing.

(To Be Archived) Introductions

Introduce yourself to others here on the Club to let them know the areas of software testing and technology that you’re currently interested in.

(To Be Archived) Questions

Got a software testing/quality related question that you need help from the Ministry of Testing community with? Post it here!

(To Be Archived) Sharing Lounge

A place to share blog posts (including your own), podcasts, tools, projects, quotes and books with the community.

(To Be Archived) Ministry of Testing Hall of Fame

A place to celebrate people doing wonderful things in our community.