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Introduce yourself to others here on the Club What would you like to learn? What are the areas of software testing and technology that you’re currently interested in?


Got a software testing/quality related question that you need help from the Ministry of Testing community with? Post it here!

Exploratory Testing Week

Exploratory Testing Week is a full themed week focused on exploratory testing!
There’ll be 99-Minute Workshops, Masterclasses, Ask me Anythings, Panels and experience reports shared from members of the community.

Annual Partners

We have six Annual Partners for 2021. Each of these partners are helping support the Ministry of Testing community.

30 Days of Testing

We regularly have 30 days of testing challenges. You can join in at the time or maybe you’re playing catch up at a later date. Discussions around the 30 days of testing challenges are welcome here at any time. Looking for old 30 Days of Testing threads? Check our Archive.


Our TestBash software testing conferences are gatherings across the world where we hold a mixture of community-focused training, workshops, single-track conferences and open days. Looking for old threads? Check out the Archive.

Sharing Lounge

Are you a regular blogger, podcaster or book worm? Have you created a new project you’d like to share with the community? Join us in the sharing lounge. We share our blog posts, tech used for podcasting, thoughts we’ve had on the books we’ve read, etc.


Welcome to the ‘Contribute’ area on The Club. This is where we share upcoming content that we would like to create with the Testing Community.

Ministry of Testing Hall of Fame

This category is for folk in the community that Ministry of Testing have recognised and recognise to be awesome.


A place to talk about all Ministry of Testing events. Missed an AMA and want to catch up on the questions? Want to head to the next watch party? This is the category for that.


Use this category to talk about Ministry of Testing meetups as a whole. Perhaps you want to suggest a new location? Perhaps you want to share an alternative meetup? Perhaps you want to talk about the Pros and Cons about meetups?

Mental Health

Welcome to the mental health category on The Club.

Masters of the Ministry

Share and access the community’s best software testing training through Masters of the Ministry (MotM) from Ministry of Testing.

MoT Essentials

Ministry of Testing Essentials is an initiative that is providing opportunities to develop essential knowledge and skills in software testing. Delivered through community-led training using modern blended learning techniques to create the next generation of quality focused teams

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


A category for posts related to past or archived events/challenges etc.