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30 Days of Testing

We regularly have 30 days of testing challenges. You can join in at the time or maybe you’re playing catch up at a later date. Discussions around the 30 days of testing challenges are welcome here at any time.


Our TestBash software testing conferences are gatherings across the world where we hold a mixture of community-focused training, workshops, single track conferences and open days.

Ministry of Testing

This section is to talk about all things Ministry of Testing. Perhaps you have a question about something, an idea, improvements, or just want to talk about what we do and how we can help you.


A place to talk about all those software testing and technology events out there. Perhaps you’re off to a software testing conference and want to share the fact. Perhaps you’re talking at one and want to share your story.


Introduce yourself to others here on the Club What would you like to learn? What are the areas of software testing and technology that you’re currently interested in?

Cool Projects

For people in the software testing and QA community to share the awesome tools and projects they have been working on.

Bloggers Club

For more information about how the Bloggers Club works, see:

Software Testing Clinic

The Software Testing Clinic is a safe environment for junior testers to learn and enhance their testing skills, and for senior testers to learn and enhance their mentoring skills. If you want to see upcoming events and events near you, visit the Software Testing Clinic website.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Are there things in software testing and QA that frustrate you? Vent those frustrations here but please keep the language work appropriate.


Got something you’d like to discuss with other software testers and QA professionals that doesn’t quite fit the software testing theme? Share your random thoughts, discussions and blog posts here.


Are you looking for help with your software testing learning? Do you need a mentor? A coach? Advice on where to look? Do you need help learning to learn?