How is everyone testing Chrome's 3rd Party Cookie Depreciation?

I’m curious to see if anyone has a process in place for testing the Chrome 3rd Party Cookie Depreciation that will kick in Q3/4 this year?

I’m hoping I don’t have to re-invent the wheel here and someone already has a process I could borrow. :sweat_smile:. If not I’m in the process of implementing this within my QA team with a pilot on a new eComm site we’re building.

Here is the docs on it if no one is familiar with it, along with the tool Google has provided to test with: Prepararsi all'eliminazione graduale dei cookie di terze parti  |  Privacy Sandbox  |  Google for Developers

So, I’d like to know if this is on anyones radar? (as it seems no one in my company knew about it) I’m working on an eCommerce platform building sites for brands. How you are dealing with it as well as your usual testing role?

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I was a bit confused as it didn’t make more news.
It seems this applies to the UK only.

Some recent news says there’s a delay of the deprecation after Q4 24

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There is official documentation about cookies that might be helpful for devs and QA Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State (CHIPS)  |  Privacy Sandbox  |  Google for Developers. Personally, on my products, we don’t set/use any 3rd party cookies that track users across different websites so I don’t need to test how features that have used the previous approach will work with new partitioned cookies. Frankly speaking, I don’t see any big deal for testers and devs here but it really depends on the features which might be affected by implementing CHIPS instead of the previous implementation. However, I’ve tested some software and browsers with these cookies but this is a bit different than what you asked :slight_smile: not sure that it’s relevant for you because I work with software that imports and exports users’ cookies and uses chromium-based browsers.


Thanks @ipstefan, that’s useful information. I’ve forwarded it to the Engineering team. They can breath a (short) sigh of relief. :slight_smile:

Thanks @shad0wpuppet, I have seen this and have forwarded this on to the Engineering team already. Have you ran the Privacy Sandbox yourself? I was surprised of a few issues I didn’t think about. :wink: