Where can I get Beta-Testers for a Chrome Browser PlugIn (price optimization for Amazon shopping carts)?

Hi guys,

we have developed a PlugIn (currently in review with the Google Play Store) to optimize your shopping cart on Amazon in two steps.

Now we would like to get feedback on this and are looking for interested testers. Thank you for your thoughts on this, where we can post this also and how to generate more testers than besides our own contact networks? Please reply below if you have any questions or would like to join our test end of January.


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Hallo Axel.
Although I’m not interested myself, I’m curious to know what leads you to believe more people testing a plugin will improve the plugin in ways that you have not already scoped out (non functional requirements).

Assumption: You mean a browser plugin?
Assumption: A thing that compares your Amazon shopping basket to other vendors with the same products?
Assumption: Signing an NDA?

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Hi Conrad,

thank you for your reply. Yes, it’s a Browser PlugIn, which compares the product in your current shopping basket with other vendors based on existing affiliate networks and can optimize the price, the sustainability of packaging, delivery etc., delivery time and also to e.g. support more local dealers etc. all based on current GDPR regulations, of course.

We hope to see, if everything we try to convey, is self-explanatory and intuitive, as you can make some individual settings in the PlugIn UI by yourself AND to get a broader range of qualitative feedback on the generated optimization results (were the results beneficial for you, were they crucial to your final decision making where to buy, if not, why etc.). Does that answer your question?


All the best of luck, I don’t use Chrome that much, nor do I use plugins , else I would have given it a try. Was hoping that you would get some takers by now on this.

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