Manual Cross browser testing

In current company we have a lot of short term projects (from a week to 6 months) - a lot of them are fully custom webshops or some similar web apps.
We need to check all browser compatibility for it before we can deploy it to production but there are no budget or time to do any automatisation to do real cross-browser testing.

So it there by any chance a way to manually do cross-browser testing, to at least try to speed it up instead of opening each browser one by one and checking everything on each of them?

I use BrowserStack to check browsers we do not have access to, but if anyone have any suggestion how to speed up browser checking manually feel free to say so.

Thank you very much in advance.

Maybe browser sync can help you. It allows you to open the application in several browsers and act on all of them at the same time.

If not using a tool for this, then I think a good approach is to try and prioritise the browsers you’re looking at. I don’t know what browsers you support but I’d imagine Google Chrome would be high priority given its popularity. IE11 can be fun to test as it’s probably the one where you’re going to find browser-related bugs.

On the topic of tools, I had a look at a tool called GhostLab a while back which allows you to mirror your browser use on other browsers at the same time. I.e. you can manually test one browser with the same input being covered on others in real-time. Might be worth a look for you! :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you very much!

Have not heard of these two tools but will definitely check them out since they might be what I am looking for (if they work as described of course).

Yeah, so far we have been prioritizing browser usage and testing mostly on those, but we have to cover all browsers so we have to at least visually check all the pages on other browsers so tools like this could definitely speed up a process.

Thank you very much!

We sometimes use cross-browser testing but now we’re trying to switch to other technologies for better speed.

Hello Moorpheus,

Is GhostLab is paid tool or it Free one?

GhostLab is open source, so it is free, but you actually need physical devices/browsers to run it.
So it is nothing in cloud or virtual machines.
And as far as I managed to find out, you can only run in on local web apps, since you need to put the script in your code to run it.

Thanks for the quick reply…