Browser stack - For Mobile/ Browser testing

(Harika Nookala) #1

Dear Team,
Please evaluate Browser Stack - It allows user to instantly get access to various real devices (like andriod, iphone etc) and browsers (chrome, firefox…).
You need not to have any infra for this. Brower Stack provides all of them on cloud.
It is not an open source tool but not a costly tool either!!

Please explore and if you find it useful you might add it to the mobile testing tools list.

(Miloš) #2

It’s useful if you don’t have many real devices or need specific combination of device and browser version. What really bothered me with it is that it often feels sluggish, picture quality can get really low when service is under load, and sometimes I need to wait for popular devices to become available.

I wouldn’t consider it as a replacement for real device lab.

(Harika Nookala) #3

Yes Milos, definitely not a replacement for real device lab. For those who cannot afford to have device lab setup, this would help them out where one get a look and feel and facility to validate the applications on various devices/browsers.

It is a simulation and delay is also observed when compared to actual device performance.

(Heather) #4

Thank you for the suggestion. I have added it to our resources page

(Linda) #5

For testing native apps Android Studio is a must have on that platform.