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Hi EveryOne

i am investigating for existing solution to offer possibility to running remotely test on Mobile : iOS, Android and Web,
i know that there is some famous solution as cloud : BowserStack and SauceLabs but i want to explore other :
is there some solution that offer hardware and software to to control this test on real device that we can plugged in my company , something like cabinet in wich we can plugged our device and with specific software we can lunch parallel execution remotely

Thanks in advance

We are using Kobiton. One of the reasons are the capability to do what I think that you do. We have only actually used that as a Proof of Concept since we mainly still use the physical device rather than go through Kobiton.

But give it a look. :slight_smile:

Just had a look at the numbers , For the monthly subscription that the good ones ask, we can take the team out for lunch twice a week. Yeah, I am a big fan, and automation in the cloud is a huge time saver, but when exploratory testing still has to happen, the annual testing equipment budget dosnot cover that kind of subscription, and is better spent on a shiney new latest iphone in your hands.

Anyway, that’s my feeling on it even at this trying time where anything is up for grabs suddenly, I hope I’m not the only laggard in the club.

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