Testing Lab strategy

How would you guys approach creating your own mobile testing lab? Which devices would you buy? Why?

I am curious what strategies do people use in this scenario.

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Here’s a few questions for you:

a) How does your team track which devices are used the most by your users?
b) What is the goal of having your own testing lab?
c) What devices are already covered for testing on your app?

That can help shape how you go about doing this. What do other stakeholders think as well?

I know it’s been awhile so maybe this is already done but liked your question.

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I don’t have experience with Kobiton, but I thought it would be appropriate to throw out there just in case.


Hello @ricgby!

@nomouthmustscream has some good questions to start. Our mobile lab has a system of checking devices in and out of the lab for use by most anyone. One of the primary rules I appreciate is to clean the device when returning it to reduce spread of germs. Ohio winters are tolerable but not so much with a cold.



Ha. It’s funny how you don’t even think about things like that. At my last job I we were reluctant to loan out our team devices but the company also had an all access mobile device lab that was maintained by Help Desk (a.k.a IT).

I’m trying to get a device lab setup at my current job. Kobiton looks like a good service @andreasedlef. My concern is how the public cloud works. It’s not clear how secure that is.

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Another cloud device labs to concider:
AWS, https://aws.amazon.com/device-farm/
Bitbar, https://bitbar.com/

I am currently working with BitBar and trying to get my tests working there, but having some trouble getting my XPaths working on their devices. Don’t know if this is a BitBar problem or cloud device farm problem, since the scripts work just fine with my local devices.

not sure if the topic is still relevant. I used openstf to build an inhouse Android device test farm, read all about it here https://adventuresinqa.com/2016/06/06/build-android-device-cloud/. Unfortunately, there nothing like that available for iOS. But I can also recommend saucelabs as a provider.


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