Can cloud-based mobile testing really replace real devices?

Hi all,

I currently carry out all mobile testing on real devices, but instead of shelling out to upgrade the devices I am wondering whether it would make sense to step away from hardware and move onto a cloud-based solution.

Before I do that, I need answers to the following questions:

  • A lot of the cloud services I’ve looked into purport to use ‘real’ devices as opposed to emulation/simulation. Exactly how does this work, and can we really say that this is 100% true to the real thing?
  • Do any of these services allow testing of internal websites/sites locked down to IP addresses? I would need this in order to run against our internet QA environment
  • If the above points are positive then do you have any suggestions for the based cloud-based solutions? I only need to test websites, not apps

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Mobile related testing tasks comprises of functional, security, performance testing etc. If we talk about testing any mobile, it could be either software or hardware. We always have to make sure that resultant builds should be supported by multiple platforms and OS and not just limited to a specific platform.

A complete mobile testing lab structure is required with several mobile devices with different OS platforms, display size, architecture and of course, it requires a good amount to invest for any software testing company. Maintaining all these devices is again a difficult and time consuming job. Cloud based technology is providing access to devices with different OS platforms, display standards, varying Wi-Fi, Bluetooth frequencies versions, etc. to a tester.

Above all, numerous cloud based mobile app solutions are available for testers to connect to mobile devices via the internet. User does not have to setup any lab thus effective in terms of cost too. Mobile app testing services is just login to your account and get started. A tester can perform all probable jobs that a mobile user can do using various simulators instances. Moreover, backups will be there and user does not have to worry about maintenance, data and environment security. Easy to use and round the clock availability and almost all range of testing can be done on the cloud, from functionality validation, stress and performance testing.

So, we can say that cloud based mobile testing could replace physical mobile devices. Hope this information is helpful for you.

From my experience a cloud based test suite is essential so you can run a high volume of regression tests (we use Xamarin/App Centre as this fits in neatly with our development set up).

However I do think that you cannot replace having a core set of real devices for testing (although we keep small, using a set of only 6/7 devices crossing iOS/Android, different form factors, and based around the key operating systems used within our target area).