Please suggest Practices that you applied while doing App Testing

Hello All,

I just started App Testing Basically it is a new application so I just want to know some best practices that you applied while doing App Testing

Please share your experience

Thanks in advance

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“There are good practices in context, but there are no best practices.”

Probably if you explain what type of information you want to investigate, people will be able to share experiences in a more fullfing way.


Hello Dear,

currently I am work on the app testing and I learn lot’s of new things in that…

while doing study, Today I found simple article on practices of iPhone app testing I also share below Hope it will be helpful to you…

Please check here:

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Thank you so much for this suggestion…

Thank you, Priya…It is good

It is very important to put your phone in accessibility mode and see how it reacts. This highlights tab sequences and selections really well.

There are lots of information if you go looking for it which will help you understand how to use the phones in accessibility mode like this from Apple,


App testing for me needs to move more into the cloud, I have the impression that we are focussing too hard ( at least where I work ) on testing on real at hand devices. It’s cumbersome and hard to maintain. With devices in the cloud you have access to a multitude of devices and versions of Android and IOS where else these are almost impossible to achieve.

Next I organize mob test events where we all gather and test the crap out of the application with a large group of people. Findings ( any finding ) is put on a post-it on the wall and discussed in the group afterwards. Issues with a common agreement are solved immediately, others are moved to the backlog or simply accepted. :slight_smile:

Oh … and don’t forget … when testing an app mimic the behaviour of a user. They are on the road and don’t always have access to 4G/3G/ WIFI , how does your app react when you are going through a tunnel and you lose your signal ?