Learning buddies in Mobile App testing?

(Abigail) #1

We started a conversation at the TestBash Brighton UnExpo about wanting to teach, learn and share experiences year round rather than just at the conference.

So here we are! And if you interested in learning, teaching or sharing experiences about Mobile App testing? Why not connect here with Eva and others who are also looking to connect!

The unexpo coming online...learning buddy time!
(Florian) #2

I’m doing Android Mobile App Testing all day connected with their backend(s).

I just found out that the Open Source Software for creating your own Device Cloud (Android) got updated for all Android Versions.
Before it worked only up to Android 4.4.4 now up to 8.0!!!

You can do manual parellel testing on this aswell let everyone else in the network use the devices connected to your cloud. Also you can setup automation testing with that. I will check out as soon I get my DevOps working on it. ^^

We have somewhat 30 Devices so soon no more circulation for me, yey!