How To Grow Your Mobile Application Testing Skills

(Heather) #1

@max_z has written a great article for the Testing Planet over on the Dojo called “How to Grow Your Mobile Application Testing Skills”.

There are some wonderful resources in the article! I know Android and iOS are the most common operating systems for mobile out there but has anyone ever tested any of the others that are on offer?

What are your own tips for mobile testing? Are there any other tools you’d recommend other than those in the article?

(Patrick) #2

We’ve just started using AppSee.

It’s great for tracking user journeys which aids immensely in trying to recreate the steps you took which led to a bug, allowing developers to easily look back and find the issue to fix it.

It can also be used once your mobile app is out to users, so really good support if a customer sends feedback you don’t have to rely on their description of the issue.

(Mitch Pronschinske) #3

The TechBeacon Learn track on Mobile Testing has a lot of tutorials that give you the knowledge and scaffolding to be great at mobile testing within your organization. I especially like the mobile performance testing section written by Avi Stramer.

(Tracy) #4

I’m excited to find this thread. I’ve just been told I’ll be working on a mobile app this year – first time ever for me… first time ever for the company, too. It’s a bit frightening. We have some real security concerns. But I have to start somewhere!

(Earl) #5

This is a great article and gives lots of good resources. Since mobile apps are becoming more prevalent and provide access to a lot of personal information testing of mobile application should be paramount. Another resource to look at would be the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) mobile testing syllabus and glossary ( This gives an overview and approach as well as a way to become certified as a Mobile Tester. There is also a practice exam that you could use to see if you have some of the basic mobile testing knowledge you might need, or to prepare for an exam to become a Certified Mobile Tester. The practice exam can be accessed through