Getting started with mobile testing?

(Heather) #1

There was a post on last week that asked if anyone had any material for someone who was totally new to mobile testing. The person asking the question was looking for blog posts, videos, articles, books that would help someone new to mobile testing.

My first thought was to check Club Posts To Help You Get Started With Software Testing And QA. But looking there I couldn’t find anything specific to mobile testing. I then tried the mobile testing category and couldn’t find anything that specific either.

Some resources suggested:

“Mobile App Testing” book by @dnlknott

What resources would you suggest for someone who is getting started with mobile testing?

(Daniel Knott) #2

Hi Heather,

thanks for mentioning me and my book in the collection :slight_smile: . And also thank you for the links from Piotr, wasn’t aware of them. The collection @pwicherski put together is just awesome.

I can also recommend the following URLs

To get an overview from the main mobile platforms:

Links to get some knowledge about the mobile usage:

I need to check my bookmarks again to find some more gems to share with the community.



(Piotr) #3

No problem Daniel, your book is truly awesome :wink:

(Conor) #4

Some things i found useful

Podcast:Mobile Testing Pyramid with Kwo Ding from TestTalks

Blog: How To Grow Your Mobile Application Testing Skills

Documentation: I have moved away from ISTQB/ASTQB certification in the last few years
But in all honesty I found their Mobile Testing Documentation useful

Found this useful for OS market share etc.

In relation to Automation, I went with Appium and Saucelabs.

Podcast: Interview with key developer of appium

Podcast: Interview with go daddy tester that decided use the native developer automation testing framework for iOS and Android.

(Conor) #5

@dnlknott adding your book to my reading list :+1:

(Heather) #6

This course was recently posted on the Dojo, instructor @dnlknott :muscle: