ISTQB Certified Mobile Application Tester

i want to give the exam for ISTQB Certified Mobile Application Testers and as currently there are no courses available can any one suggest me how to proceed?
are there any documents to read online? is any one else also preparing for this foundation exam?
i ahev the Syllabus and reading it but from exam point of view any tips?

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Hiho anaghad! :slight_smile:

Co-author of the ISTQB MAT syllabus here.

Sadly I didn’t come across this question earlier, but maybe this will be useful to someone else also!

As for now, if you want to pass the exam, I would recommend you to read the syllabus carefully :slight_smile:

Try to understand every point from the glossary of domain-specific terms. Those are pretty easy if you’re working in the field!

And of course remember, if you have any questions, ask them for example here on MoT Club, or you can ping me directly on LinkedIn if you want :slight_smile:

thanx a lot for the info.
i will try the tips you have suggessted. and will contact u for any further information i might need.