ISTQB Study Books?

Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend the most current/up to date ISTQB study book?

Looking through Amazon, Several books come up and I’m unsure which to choose from?

Any info would be very much appreciated =]

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Hey Luke, I can’t help with book recommendations but instead wondered whether you’d considered something like Udemy? I’ve personally found many of the video courses and example questions on there really useful.

Thank you Viv!

I have also been using Udemy with a certified ISTQB course alongside the bootcamp I’ve enrolled onto =]

It was more to have a book to hand for referencing while at home in the office or when I’m travelling (not an option atm of course).


That’s fair enough, I thought the same when I was studying to sit one of the exams but ended up just watching the videos using the Udemy app and practicing the questions which I found worked for me to pass.

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If you are referring to the ISTQB Foundation, make sure the book deals with the 2018 syllabus. I don’t know exactly about English books, in case you need a German one I found the “ISTQB Foundation for dummies” somewhat uptodate and easy to read.
In general the syllabus, which can be found at the ISTQB website, has all the information needed for the exam, but is a tough read and leaves quite a few things unanswered (for some of them you can certainly find answers here :wink: )


@vivrichards - specifically, which course did you find useful? Did you complete the entire course?

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Thank you for taking the time to reply Christian!

Appreciate the information and viewpoint of having/not having a book resource =]

I sat the Pearson Vue exam, and found the book I had helpful, lent it to someone years ago, it never came back, so I cannot recall. But the book was so helpful to me as a paper based person, even though it was useless to me after I got my certificate, the book is just a thick study-guide/cheat sheet. Lots of memorizing, and knowing how to answer the questions in the same form as the “exam” means you need to have an updated guide. I spent hours memorizing the terms and terminology, and passed easily enough.

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[quote=“lj89, post:9, topic:47006, full:true”]
The best I can do for now is go by reviews on Amazon =]

But great insight and I approve of the paper study guide alongside me, while I study on the laptop. I find it useful to just grab, look at the index and turn to where ever I need the info or guidance for sure!!

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Oh, and good luck of course.

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I bought this course and skimmed through it. On the day of the exam I reached a few of the videos which covered areas I was less familiar with and passed first time. Highly recommend Tareks courses


I have not yet taken the exam so perhaps am not the best person to advise but the one I went for is the Brian Hambling one. I just wanted one for the 2018 syllabus that was available second hand.
It seems ok, although the language used feels more complex then perhaps necessary. It has exercises to check your understanding and an exam too.
Good luck!

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I went with the BCS books. “Software Testing: An ISTQB-BCS Certified Tester Foundation guide - 4th edition” is the latest ISTQB Foundation study guide. They updated the curriculum and removed the need to study the white box techniques, but they’re still in the text. It’s well-written and complete. I got 37/40 on the exam simply by studying this book over the summer.

I started working on “Agile Testing Foundations: An ISTQB Foundation Level Agile Tester guide 2017” immediately after, with a view to passing the exam before Christmas 2020, but it’s so badly written (long-winded, repeats itself, poorly edited) that I gave up in favour of “Mobile Testing: An ASTQB-BCS Foundation guide 2018”. The latter is well-written, logical, mercifully short and to the point, and even has some jokes in it. I’ll return to Agile once I have the mobile exam under my belt at Easter.

I know some people think there’s no point in passing ISTQB, but my attitude is: what else is there to do in lockdown when the government pays you a decent grant to stay indoors for the duration? And it can’t hurt to have proof you know what you’re doing to an academic standard on your CV, can it? :smiley:

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Thank you Louise =] exercises sound good

Yeah of course Jon,

I have had that said to me on several occasions now. To have the certification can only improve your chances, let’s say, when others applying for similar roles don’t have it.

Appreciate this, Thank you!!

Hey Luke,

I did my exam in December and this is the book i used to study for it

Hope its helpful to you and Good Luck!!

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Hey, I have passed my ISTQB Foundations exam by studying official syllabus and Dorothy Graham - Foundations of Software Testing: ISTQB Certification. You can purchase paper version from Amazon or e-version from

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Thank you Patience!!

Thank you for this Arminas!!