Studying for the ISTQB Foundation Level

My employer is requiring me to take the ISTQB Foundational level exam. There seem to be a lot of paid resources out there. Anybody have any suggestions on good free ones, or paid resources that are actually worth the cost?

I found the book a good resource but the most important part of all of it is understanding the questions. They really do go out of their way to try and trip you up with the way they ask them and the options they give you.

So once you have a bit of knowledge of the material just search out as many practice tests as you can - there are a fair few out there, including the official one, which will give you good enough experience.

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I have done a bit of research against this myself there appears to be some downloadable items that are available from the ISTQB Official Website.

All Downloadable Material


Also there are quite a few Youtube videos where they breakdown the questions and go through the best ways to tackle the questions through process of elimination. (Question answering Technique I feel is just as important as having the knowledge)

Random Thought: Where the exam questions are multiple choice, quite often later questions will give you an inclination of what an earlier answer should be, enabling you to check and change an answer or two if needed!


Hi Kyle,

In regards to your questions I think it might depend on how much knowledge and experience you have.

I personally found ISTQB foundation to be is word/type specific even with it being a multiple choice type exam. I paid for the two day course through a company called Planit here in Australia which I have to say is overpriced and I have never referred back to it but recruiters/managers love to use it as a way to qualify someone as a “tester”.

There are some courses on sites like Udemy for around $15. Don’t know how good they are but you can read all the reviews. I personally would recommend what Jacqueline found for you and possibly cementing the knowledge in with a Udemy course too as you can contact the instructor if you have questions. FYI I think that price is a special…

Good luck and let us know how you went.


In addition to the ISTQB download material there is a lot of free study material from ISTQB online. See to start…
Good luck!