Intermediate ISTQB Papers

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I think this may be the first time ever that google has failed me. I have my Foundation ISTQB certification, and I’m thinking about the Intermediate level. I know their usefulness is hotly contested, I also get the impression that the Intermediate is less common and at this point i’m heavily undecided, but I would like to look over a sample paper just to see what the expectation is and get a feel for it.

These seem to be non-existent in the ether of the internet however (unlike the foundation paper which you can’t move for). Does anyone happen to have any sample papers in their possession for me to take a look over? This would be much appreciated. Failing this, does anyone happen to know the reason they’re so scarce?

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I was under the impression that they removed the ISTQB Intermediate Level and instead went for Advanced topics or extension to it such as Agile Extension?

The BCS offer an intermediate cert, but personally I wouldn’t bother unless you plan on being a BCS member for an extended period.

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Oh wow okay i must have been looking at an outdated diagram then, i looked at one just like the one you sent except intermediate sat between foundation and advanced, that’s great i’ll look into that instead. Thanks Andy!


No worries, hope you find what you are looking for.

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The BCS still offer an intermediate certification in software testing. If you do plan on going on the advanced level ISTQB stuff it does provide a decent stepping stone. There are, however, very limited resources available like you say.

And just to nail my colours up, I have sat this course and exam. I did it through a company called QA:

I think with the changes ISTQB are making to their syllabi there isn’t any point in doing intermediate anymore. BCS still offer it but they probably shouldn’t be. Might have been useful in the past but probably just a cash burner these days.

Thanks for your insight, how long ago did you do the course?

Yeah i get this feeling, i’d be tempted to go straight for one of the advanced extensions if this is more the norm and the material isn’t too much of a stretch away from the foundation.

17th October 2013… I then did the ISTQB advanced test analyst and test manager course to the 2012 syllabus. Although it did cost extra to attend a course and sit the exam I felt is worthwhile (at least in terms of passing the exams at advanced level - there is no way I’m getting into a debate on the worth of these things as it tends to get a bit emotive). Some of the people on the advanced courses struggled with the step up from foundation and that is where I felt the intermediate helped.

I suppose it all depends. If I was paying straight out of my own pocket I would probably skip straight to advanced. If someone else was paying I’d do the intermediate.